Module 2


In this module users explore what are their talents, personal strengths and attitude towards a task (avatars). The purpose of this module is for users to find the intersection of talents, personal strengths, interests and values and based on it to create a career or choose what university career or professions suits them best.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the concepts of talent, values, personal strength and values and how these are related to a career choice
  • Make a profile of what learners are good at, passionate about

The second module taps into the heart of VOCCESS – it helps you find out what is your zone of genius. Your zone of genius is the filed, industry or career that you can be the most successful and become a real star. A lot of people say success is 2% talent and 98% effort. However, if we put the effort in the wrong direction is like having the perfect car without an engine. This is why we want to place all our efforts in our zone of genius. We are all born with some inclinations towards certain activities or fields of activity. Those are the areas we are better at and we do with more ease. What is more, we tend to have a passion in these areas and keeps us more motivated to continue our efforts in that direction.
However, the zone of genius is not composed of only our talents. It also takes into consideration our intelligence. As we all know there are several types of intelligence and all of us have one or two which are prevalent. The zone of genius is composed of our values too as they dedicated a great deal of our career.
The elements of your zone of genius are:

  • Avatar
  • Talents
  • Values
  • Passion and interest
  • Intelligence’s

There are a couple of elements which might be new to you. The first one is the avatar and the second one is the concept of passion which is a bit different than what you have heard of. The avatar is your overall profile, the most generic one. This is not a profession, this is how you do things and your attitude towards all you do. Your avatar might be a merchant and you can be a manager, a designer a bartender. This is the special signature you use. Also, this is how you can start working on your personal brand, by adding that special touch only you have.


List of Documents


  • What did I learn from module 2?
  • My next action step based on module 2?


  1. What is talent?
  2. What are passion and interest?
  3. What are values?
  4. What are your talents, passions, interests and values?
  5. How do you articulate your zone of genius?
  6. What careers or profession are suitable for your zone of genius?