Module 1


In this module learners explore what are the beliefs they have about themselves, what they are capable of and their values. These are the foundation for learners to be able to discover what is the best career for them.

Learning objectives:

  • Become aware of one’s beliefs about who they are and what they have and can do
  • Become aware of their limiting beliefs
  • Become aware of their values
  • Understand how their self-image and values impacts their career and decision making

In this first module will talk about the foundation, the source of your career and future path. This is you. Your beliefs, your beliefs, values, passion and purpose. What you believe and what you hold dear will generate all your results. This is like a software running inside of you, you may or may not be aware of it, but it is there and generates results for you.

Before we start talking about career, talents and career paths, we must pay attention to that internal software, because it will determine all that goes from now on.

Content – What are values, passion, purpose and how to discover them. Instructions about the worksheets.
There are 3 short worksheets for the module along with one video.

This foundation modules covers the topic of self-image, purpose and passion and values. Self-image dictates all we do. If we don’t become aware of the image, we have of ourselves, formed with the year of experience.

How is self- image relevant to your career? Well, if you believe you are good at nothing, how can you build a successful career? If you believe artists make no money, but you are a genius at drawing, how can have a fulfilling career?

Your passion and purpose may not directly translate into a career, or they may translate into more than one career or a career and a hobby. But we all know that people who find ways to live their passion and purpose are happier, healthier and make more money. Well, your passion and career may not manifest at first as a career, but they will surely do if you find out what these are and engage in activities that tap into your passion and purpose.
Finally, when we know what are values are and we don’t live against them, we have a career and life which brings prosperity and joy.

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What did I learn from Module 1?

My next action step based on Module 1

What are beliefs? How are beliefs formed?
What are some beliefs you had about yourself?
Which were the beliefs that are not serving you?
How did you transform the beliefs that are not serving you?

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