About the course


Finding the most appropriate and successful career can be challenging in a world with so many options and so little guidance on how one can truly know themselves. This is why VOCCESS provides a holistic profile, based on talents, values, characters and personal strengths. In addition, VOCCESS supports young people in the process of discovering, creating and laying the foundations of self-knowledge – what am I good at, what are my values, what are the limiting beliefs that are stopping me; what are my dreams and goals. This is reflected in the VOCCESS learning modules and videos. VOCCESS supports users in developing and nurturing habits for success, mastering skills and attitudes to succeed in life: education, career, social activity, amateur activity, self-expression.

VOCCESS creates an opportunity for young people to pursue a passion, or develop a skill through a series of challenges and tools to plan and set goals. In this regard, VOCCESS provides not only self-knowledge but opportunity for users to act based on it.

Based on the research of the partnerships, the methods and tools of VOCCESS help users:

  • Set personal priorities and create a career plan.

  • Creating key personal performance skills: goal setting, time management, self-expression, creating, communicating and presenting a message.

The learning materials, profiling system and profiling system using methods and tools which aim are to support users in 5 main domains:

  1. Creating a vision for their development and career, to find the most suitable career path with the learning materials

  2. Know themselves and how they think and behave – what they are good at, how they work and learn best in order to achieve an effective and complete career. Young people will be given the tools and guidance on how to be reflective, evaluate themselves, and continue the process on their own and after they have used the profiling system and profiling system.

  3. Make an “inventory” of the interests, skills, strengths and experiences that young people have up to now, putting them in the context of career – how it serves them, where they can use it.

  4. Create a sense of self-worth and confidence and belief in personal abilities

  5. Identify and rethink the true motives behind the choices made – who and why are they satisfied with these choices (social models and stereotypes or personal goals in line with personal profile and strengths).

The partnership believes that young people need to make a conscious and informed choice in terms of their career development, as well as a strategic plan for their future education and training, in order to achieve the goals. Each young person will have the opportunity to work on a personal challenge to discover to what extent their career path truly suits their needs. Unlike other profiling systems, one of VOCCESS provides not only self-knowledge but actions based on it.

Within the profiling system of VOCCESS young people will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how to present themselves, present their ideas and create messages

  • Learn to present themselves, prepare resumes, cover letter and a job interview in the most effective way possible. Young people will learn how to create job application documents and submit themselves for an interview


The aims of the profiling system and the learning course of VOCCESS are:

  • Create an overall personal image which gives them a picture of their individual potential, work style, learning style and the most suitable field of a professional career.

  • Set their career goals and create a career plan so that they channel their efforts and gain clarity about what kind of university they would like to attend and how they would continue their education – formal and informal.

  • Learn how to make decisions based on what is meaningful and important to them;

  • Learn how to manage their time and focus.

  • Create a CV, a motivation letter, personal portfolio and develop personal presentation skills.

  • Understand what the entrepreneurial spirit is and how they can apply it to any life situation.

The purpose of this course is career orientation in the sense of helping young people to get to know themselves better, to understand what is important for them, and to learn how to develop various skills which would, in turn, allow them to establish themselves in the professional world. By having a better understanding of their current skills level and their attitude towards different activities, they can easily figure out the field of study they would like to progress in and eventually their career field.


Every module has a video, worksheet and a short introduction. We highly recommend that you print the worksheet and dedicate at least 2 hours to each module – to do each module. First, read the introduction, watch the video and in case you have questions, post them to the FB group.

There are some guided visualizations in the modules, to help you go deeper and get better results.

It is a good idea to plan when you are going to do all the modules. Ideally, you would dedicate 2 hours to each module and then spend a week reflecting on what you learned and discovered.

This course is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, with the project reference: 2018-2-ES02-KA205-011531